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Sommercamp2009: Sommercamp Fotos
Added by Matthias Kreil about 7 years ago

CRN Toolbox: Repository structure changed
Added by David Bannach over 7 years ago

CRN Toolbox: New repository location
The CRN Toolbox repository moved to this server.
Added by David Bannach over 7 years ago

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Latest projects

  • Evaluation and sharing data (07/07/2010 02:03 pm)
    • public datasets
    • standard access mechanisms
    • categorisation of datasets (by sensors, size, application domain, etc.)
    • pros and cons of benchmarking
    • selection of appropriate metrics
    • ensuring comparability of results for similar problems
    • awareness of issues such as statistical significance, class-skew, parameter dependence...
  • Activity Recognition (06/23/2010 01:02 pm)

    1. Problem Definitions

    • taxonomy
    • grand challenge
    • agree on major problems to be solved e.g. mobile applications of AR, infrastructure applications of AR
    • defining activities in a useful (and standard) way
    • activity granularity, etc.

    2. General methodology....

  • MASS (02/04/2010 01:58 pm)

    MASS - Monitoring Application for Sensor Systems

    This tool helps monitoring and documenting experiments with multi-modal sensor setups.

    • Graphical and tabular view of sensor up-times...
  • Sommercamp2009 (07/30/2009 03:05 pm)
  • CRN Toolbox (03/27/2009 10:18 am)

    The Context Recognition Network (CRN) Toolbox allows to quickly build distributed, multi-modal context recognition systems by simply plugging together reusable, parameterizable components.